Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hello there!

It seems a long time since our last visit......there have been changes in the shop. Sheila who had been with us for 8 years has taken early retirement, giving her more time for stitching and more importantly( she may say) time to enjoy her little grand-daughter! Sylvia has joined us, if you have not met her yet, pop in and say hello.
However changes have not stemmed the flow of work being produced by our various classes, and lots more pictures when I get my act together...meanwhile..........

Mia and Carly have been fabric weaving.......haven't they made a lovely job of their cushions?
You won't find these in the high street!

Couldn't resist taking this picture.....Kirstie Allsop is the face of Janome UK.....think we have her younger lookalike!!!

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